October Update


Hey Jewel Fans!

It’s been a crazy month for us here at the Jewel Riders Archive. I (Chris) live in Northern California, which you may have seen on the news is suffering from terrible wildfires that spread into the cities. It’s been a hard week, and incredibly physically and emotionally draining. My day job is at a hospital (the only one left open in town right now), so between that, losing power for a few days, and getting out of town to try and sleep/breathe fresh air, we totally missed the update. Ronnie also lives in Southern California, site of another terrible California fire.

I drove around for a week with a bag packed, as I live just south of the evacuation zone. Later, that bag was joined by the irreplaceable materials we’ve used to produce the JRA.

But we are both safe, and want to thank you for your well-wishes and concern on social media. I have moved the JRA materials to my parents’ house for the time being, until things calm down here.

In the meantime, Ronnie has been hard at work on videos of the second season! You can see all the videos on our YouTube channel.

But for your viewing pleasure, here are the “Princess Gwenevere” versions of the latest episodes (Starla and French Starla can be found on the YouTube Channel).

On a recent visit, we also took some time to record our memories of the second season. Hope you enjoy!

On the same visit, we also had the chance to attend Power-Con, a convention for fans of He-Man and She-Ra! She-Ra is, of course, one of the trailblazers in action girl cartoons and it was so fun to see all the love still for this property.

And while there, we were able to connect with friend of the site Katy Cartee-Haile, owner of Rainbowbrite.net. Katy helped us early on by giving us pointers on running a fan website, and it was a true treat to meet her!

PC 08

We were also able to show off our Jewel Riders pride by wearing the Jewel Riders Archive shirts from Redbubble! 🙂

Recently, Second-Season-Gwen-voice Jean Louia Kelly came out with a new CD and gave a concert in Los Angeles to promote the occasion – we couldn’t be there, but here’s a lovely write-up!

Jean Louisa Kelly

Halloween is coming up soon – are you dressing up as a Jewel Rider?

Happy Halloween! (2017)

If you’d like to be a Jewel Rider (or anything else, really), we recommend getting in touch with Daniel Magana Couture via Instagram. They’re great designers and should be able to whip up beautiful clothes for anyone interested in spending a day or two as Princess Gwenevere, Fallon, or Tamara! If you want to read further, simply click this link for an informational brochure.

DMC Samples

Also, for fun pictures of costumes, be sure to check out our post “Magic Made by Hand” to see more amazing cosplayers and Jewel Riders costumes!

And that’s all for this update! Stay tuned though, we have a very special announcement for our next Artist Challenge coming up!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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