Princess Tara Artist Challenge Results!

Wow! We could not be more pleased with the amazing artistic talent and creative designs for Princess Tara that you sent in!

First, we wanted to just feature the entries so that everyone could appreciate them in their full glory. 🙂

“Tara’s New Dress” by Kate

Tara's New Dress

“Tara” by neilabbott

tara artist challenge

“Tara” by Alex Durham


“Princess Tara” by HubbaBubba

princess tara 2

“Gwen and Tara” by Bluelily Illustration (Brittani Ashley)

Gwen and Tara copy

Though it wasn’t featured in the voting, I (Chris) drew a little something as well. I wanted to enjoy the creative energy going around, so here’s my take on Tara (and Spike!).  Since I fail at animals, I found a Lady Lovely Locks pic for the base that worked out very well! Hope you enjoy!

For a completely awesome surprise, designer Greg Autore was able to find the original concept paintings for Tara! He was gracious enough to share them with us, and in turn with all of you! We think that of the submissions, HubbaBubba and neilabbott’s both most closely resemble the dancer pictured below. 🙂

Finally, by popular vote on Twitter, we have our winners!

Artist Challenge - First Place Artist Challenge - Second Place

We are so, so pleased with how fun this Artist Challenge has turned out to be. Are you interested in making it an annual thing, Jewel Fans? There are certainly characters left in the Show Bible who could use some love. 😀

Jewel Power!

~Chris & Ronnie

2 Responses to “Princess Tara Artist Challenge Results!

  • That was good! I’d love to see more of people’s take on unused characters.

    • jewelridersarchive
      7 years ago

      Stay tuned in the future, because we’d love to do more Artist Challenges! 🙂

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