Princess Starla & the Jewel Riders Memorabilia

For the Starla doll line, check out this page.

Our Princess Starla Memorabilia is divided up into three sections.

  • Home Video, including VHS and DVD releases.
  • Audio Media, including cassette and CD music releases.
  • And Other Items, including sticker books, costumes, and other items.


Check out these videos of the advertisements for the French Starla videos!

To view the French Starla doll advertisements, check out the video below!

And to see reviews of the Princess Gwenevere versions of the merchandise by Chris and Ronnie as part of our “Archive Showcase” series, check out the playlist below!


One of the most frequent questions we receive here at the JRA is why Gwen was called Starla outside of the US, so we asked Greg Autore, Art Director for the show!

GA: Two reasons for the question: 1) international names often have to have minor spelling changes or conjunction changes so a simple less specific name translates better (too many ways to translate “princess”). 2) Guenevere was probably being used legally in a country they wanted to release it in.